Whats Buggin' Ya?

What’s Buggin’ Ya?

By Jason Pollock


I leave a porch or garage light on almost every night at my home. This is for security and it helps me see when I come in late or head out early in the morning, but it also does something else for me. The light attracts insects all night long and some of them stick around until I get a chance to go outside and see them.

Insects have interested me since I was a kid and my enthusiasm has not waned a bit as I approach…never mind. I enjoy going out and looking at them when I have time, especially on weekends. It’s amazing how many types of small beetles, moths, and other winged creatures show up. Some are pretty big, like Dobsonflies which have large, aggressive-looking jaws and I’ve seen more than a few big green Luna moths. Always cool to see them.

Somebody made it known that she has never seen a Dobsonfly so I’ve decided that I must capture one for her to admire. For a tiny zoo that comes to you, leave a light on some night and see what shows up at your doorstep. Careful, though, some like it indoors too!