Oh What a Tangled Web



I’m trying to recall a time before the World Wide Web existed. What did we do for entertainment? Where did we look for information? How did we communicate? Oh, yeah, I remember now; we used to actually talk to one another and go out on dates or go to the movies and we did things outdoors. We used dictionaries and encyclopedias to learn about things, and we wrote letters or called or actually visited the homes of our friends from time to time.

When the internet stops working now, things grind to a halt. Schools can’t teach, businesses don’t run, and nobody talks because everyone knows that if it’s not in an e-mail it was never said. Isn’t it nice to escape the web every now and then? Our internet was down recently for several days and I thought it was refreshing. For one thing, it gave me time to write this interesting anecdote and I found that I wasn’t spending the better part of my day staring down my computer screen.

My vote is that for just one day a month we shut it down on purpose and actually see the faces of the people we’re talking to. It’s time to disentangle from the web and regain our humanity.



Jason Pollock

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