Grills and Grease

Grills and Grease
By Jason Pollock 
The firebox on my smoker grill recently gave out. My grill cover gave out earlier and the years of intense heat and rain had finally gotten to it. The rust had eaten it away so badly that there was no more drawer to pull out the ashes and the front of it basically had a rust window that looked right in on the flames. Very little heat was actually making it to the food.
Luckily, I was able to remove the old box and my wife helped me attach the new one. Through the process, I had to reach into the sludge-filled bottom of the smoker to thread and attach bolts and nuts. This accumulated grease of barbecues past resembled old motor oil and seemed to suck in light.
Despite this, the grease smelled wonderful, like bacon and ham and pork roast all rolled into one. Any time the grill gets warm, even just from sunlight, I smell it and get hungry. The bad part is that the grease stuck to my fingernails and took several days of scrubbing to get them clean. It sure smelled good and I fought the weird urge to suck my thumb!